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1. The spicy aroma of the lumber aisle at Home Depot

2. More than 24 hours in a day

3. A potion that would get rid of my zits for the rest of eternity

4. Someone designated to clean my room and make my bed

5. Ne-Yo singing So Sick on loop on my Spotify

6. A dope internship that will turn into a job

7. A cuddle buddy that will make me laugh and will laugh at my jokes

8. Cash monie$ for my summer rent

9. Enough time to read all the books on my pending list

10. The will to keep up my workouts

11. My best bud by my side

12. Mall time with my moms

I think if I could bottle up JGL’s voice and just like indulge on it on occasion, little by little, drop by drop, sound by sound, my life would be so wonderful.